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Triton Bass


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Plek Processed

A Plek processed fretboard guarantees perfectly level frets. This is the basis for our multi-step fret polishing and setup work all done by hand that eventually makes all our instruments play like nothing you have ever played before.

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Phonico Pickups

Passive 5-way switch wiring featuring our noiseless Duesenberg SingleTwin Bass pickups under the elegant Phonico pickup covers. An additional switch on the pickguard allows switching between parallel and serial mode for the pickups.

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Contoured body made from Alder. Solid-Body constructions deliver instant response, a lot of attack and sustain and perfect feedback resistance. Alder is a versatile tone-wood known for its bright voice and versatility.

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34" Longscale

The Triton Bass was designed to be a real workhorse. It’s a punchy 34″ longscale construction using a unique three pickup layout which are controlled by an easy to use 5-Way switch and straight forward volume and tone controls. The additional switch on the pickguard allows you to choose between parallel and serial mode for the pickups.

We used our own designed SingleTwin Bass pickups in this model, which give you a noise-free tone while keeping a completely passive wiring.

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The Block Bridge

The 12″ Indian Rosewood fretboard is combined with a one-piece, bolt on solid American Hardrock Maple neck which leads the strings all the way down to our newly designed Duesenberg “The Block” Bass bridge. This bridge offers extensive adjustability, great tone-transfer and long sustain.

The Triton Bass is available in all Black or Gold-Top with black sides, back and neck.

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Nickel Hardware


You will find the geometrical three steps in almost every part on our instruments, from the curves on the headstock to the shape of the output jack.

When compared to regular chrome finishes, nickel has a beautiful warm and elegant sheen and ages naturally over time. It’s the way things were done before chrome became the standard. If you don’t want the hardware on your instrument to age, we recommend regular cleaning.

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Made to hold something that lasts

A good case is one that's more sturdy than what's inside.

Handsome, laid-back and simply a good place for your instrument. Meet the Duesenberg Custom Line Cases. True flightcase quality, classically shaped, beautifully handcrafted and made to endure the most realistic and unrealistic abuses. It’s a case you can just throw in the back of a car, train or airplane and won’t have to worry about.

This instrument comes including the Duesenberg Custom Line Case as standard.

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